How Do You Stain Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Have you been looking to change up the appearance of your kitchen a little? One great way you could start is by doing a simple kitchen renovation that almost anyone can do by themselves. Staining and finishing your kitchen cabinets yourself is actually quite simple, and if you plan to do more kitchen renovations or repairs that will require a little more finesse, all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial the number for your local kitchen repair mooresville experts.

If all you’d like to do for the moment is look into staining and finishing your kitchen cabinets, then follow this simple guide to help get the job done.

Take the Cabinet Apart

Before you can begin staining the cabinet, you’re going to have to do some disassembly. You’ll have to remove the cabinet’s door, followed by knobs and hinges. Once the cabinet is taken apart, you are ready to move onto the next part.

Sand it Down

With some sandpaper, you should lightly sand down any areas of the cabinet that you plan on staining. This will remove dirt or other tiny debris that may have built up on your cabinet over time, and make it nice and smooth so your staining job will go over much easier.

Use Pre-Stain Conditioner

Next, you should be applying a coat of pre-stain conditioner before you actually begin the staining process. This will help the cabinet absorb the stain easier. When finished, you should let it set and dry for at least 10 to 20 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Apply Stain and Finish

Using a foam brush, you can begin carefully applying the stain to the cabinet. Wipe off excess staining as you work, then let it dry for at least four hours when you finish. After it dries, you can carefully wipe on your finish and reassemble the cabinet.

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Just like that, you stained and finished your own kitchen cabinets! Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re doing home improvement projects with your own two hands and the sweat of your brow?