What Type of Inexpensive Caster is Best For Heavy Loads?


There are all kinds of different caster wheels out there for you to take advantage of for the simple and safe transportation of some of your heavier equipment. If you want to make things safer to move, or just more convenient to move around, then caster wheels can come in handy to get the job done.

If you are trying to move things around for something like machinery dollies, game tables, steel box dollies, mobile home dollies, gantries, and more, then phenolic caster wheels might be just what you’re looking for.

What are some of the biggest advantages of using these caster wheels? Turns out, there are plenty of reasons you should pick some up for yourself and for your projects.

The Best Reasons to Consider Phenolic Caster Wheels

These types of caster wheels have all kinds of great things going for them that make them an excellent buy for your wallet and for your projects you may be working on. Check it out:

●    They’re cheap. Phenolic casters can be quite inexpensive. You might have to replace them eventually depending on your use case, however, as they may not last very long compared to higher-priced casters.

●    They can carry a lot of weight. Phenolic casters are able to hold quite a good bit of weight, due to the way they are made. They are strong enough to wheel around even the heaviest of loads.

●    Great for loads that are stationary. Phenolic casters can be perfect for loads that don’t need to move quite as frequently, too. If you’re not moving the load around too much, you won’t have to worry about wearing the wheels out or scuffing up your floor.

phenolic caster wheels

Phenolic casters can come in handy for a variety of different loads, so next time you’re in the market for caster wheels to support and provide mobility for your project, consider giving them a shot! They’re friendly on your wallet and great for almost any heavy load.